Why is it important to attend classes to be a drone pilot?

The answer sounds a bit obvious if you are a beginner with ambitions or projects, you will receive all kinds of guidance, accompaniment and learning to learn to fly a drone with mastery. But what happens if you already know the tools and functions of your drone, and you already acquired a great ability to control it, all without attending any class? What happens if you just want to use your drone to take some pictures with your family every time you go on vacation? In this blog we will show you the reasons why classes are important for any use you give to your drone.

First let’s talk about the types of uses that are given to drones, which can be grouped into two simple categories: A commercial use, in which you will receive a monetary payment for customers that request a specific service with your drone; and a recreational use, whose objective is simply to enjoy your drone as much as possible.


Drone training for commercial use

It does not matter if you already have years of experience flying drones. If your purpose is to give your drone a commercial use, you need to attend and pass a drone driving course, as it not only reinforces the practical part and prepares you for the FAA Part 107, but also will teach you all kinds of technical specifications , driving modes, climate assessment, use of airspace, aerospace classifications, emergency procedures and maintenance of your drone, among others. In addition, your instructors will be certified and professional pilots who will give you all the knowledge and guidance you need from their own experiences.

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Drones training for recreational use

Even if you want to be a recreational pilot, the law requires that you certify as a drone pilot and pass the FAA Part 107 to make free use of your device, because this law was also created to avoid all types of accidents that can be generated by piloting a drone. You will receive the necessary and just training to pass the exam, but you have authorization if one day you use your drone for other purposes. Who knows, you may find opportunities with your drone!

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Learn with us!

You can find all kinds of information on different platforms on the internet about drone piloting, but there is no more confident information than the material that we are going to give you. We are professionals in this field and we have enough resources for you to become part of our family. You will learn everything about regulations, configurations, controls, security, updates, among others. You will have at your disposal a safe space to fly, the expert guide of our instructors, recommendations on the types of drones that best suit your needs, we will give you a drone in case you do not have yours yet. All that and much more! Sign up to be a beneficiary of all this!

Based on the information founded in: https://www.dronethusiast.com/drone-academy/

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