What to do in case of an accident?

It is well known that nobody is free from any type of accident, not even your drone. An accident can happen to anyone and, when it happens, it is important to know how to act correctly. If you suffer an accident in full flight, your drone is severely damaged and you do not know what to do, do not worry! Here I will tell you some tips to act in the best possible way in these cases.

Keeping calm is one of the most important aspects when facing any type of accident. A good composure in front of a problematic situation will help you to have more clarity when making a decision!

Analyze the entire scene after the accident. Look at the seriousness of the injuries it caused, both to other people and to space, and if the situation is something more serious, call the police so they know how to control the situation. Finally, check the damage suffered on your device and carefully remove the remains.


fallen drone on green grass after remote control disconnection


Report to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
Attentive! Not all accident cases must be reported to the FAA, so it will be the law that determines whether or not to be informed depending on the severity of the accident. Each drone accident is regulated by Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Section 107.9. Simply put, you must notify within the next 10 business days if the accident with your drone involved:

  • Serious injuries to anyone
  • The loss of consciousness of any person
  • Property damage (other than your drone) that exceeds $ 500.

If you must make the report, the FAA website can facilitate this process! There you can find the form that you must fill out with the following information: Operator name, telephone number and email address; FAA aviator certificate number (if applicable); small unmanned aircraft system (sUAS); aircraft registration number (if applicable); date and time of the accident; accident location, and basic description of the accident. It is a process that will not take you more than 10 minutes!

As bad as the accident experience may have been, you can learn from it. Think about what were the causes of your accident, what caused it, what damage it caused and how you can avoid more cases like that. Learning a little not only helps you avoid embarrassing situations like these, but also contributes to the safety of individuals who may be affected by it. Share all these types of failures so that we can all learn a little from them and make our flights safer every day!

Information based on: Custom Case Group

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