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We are a school with Real Drone Pilots with REAL DRONE FLIGHT Experience that Teaches our Courses! The commercial drone market is expected to skyrocket to $23 billion annually by 2022, up from just $6 billion right now. Join in Miami, Florida for a full-day, exclusive training school where you can get all the information and preparation to pass your FAA Part 107 Drone License Test.

FAA Part 107 Online Preparation Course

“The Part 107 Essentials online study guide has been designed by industry
experts. This online, ‘do it yourself’ study course and practice test will fully
prepare you to take your FAA Part 107 Aeronautical Knowledge Test and
operate drones commercially in the USA.” Bryan McKernan, VP & former
USMC CH46 Pilot

Part 107 Essentials Plus

“Our Part 107 Plus takes your drone education to the next level. In this
course, our instructors leverage years of commercial, public safety, and
defense-sector UAS experience to provide students with the theoretical and
practical knowledge needed to begin using drones safely and efficiently.”

Drone Flight Essentials

Passing the Part 107 knowledge test is an important step towards advancing
your career with drone technology, but what comes next? For anyone new to
the industry, it is critical to know how to use drones safely and efficiently
before carrying out any missions. This course will teach you to pilot your
drone in both GPS and ATTI mode and put drones in the sky safely.

UAQ Emergency

Emergency was designed to satisfy a gap in the market for UAV training to the emergency services. Our training focuses on the practical integration of drones for emergency services, while recognizing the way these organizations operate.

UAQ Media

Media and entertainment is often at the forefront of embracing new technologies. As one of the most popular fields for drone-powered solutions we’ve developed a market-leading drone training course just for you.fields for 

UAQ Engineering

We know that drones are at the forefront of the construction and surveying industry. And with our in-house expertise, we’ve designed a comprehensive and professional construction and surveying course for those looking to implement UAV capability in their operations. 

Train-the-Trainer; Drone Integration
Training for Enterprise Clients

Offers a premier ” Train the Trainer” program to enterprise clients who need comprehensive sUAS (drone) training that goes well beyond Part 107. The course includes operations manual development and advanced drone flight maneuvers, customized for the client environment. Drone Training School is offering Part 107 and Drone Flight Essentials courses.

Hands-On Drone Pilot Training

Our full day drone pilot training course will equip you with all of the knowledge and skills you need to become an expert drone pilot. The course offers a combination of classroom training and hands-on flight sessions.


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