Tips for Awesome Landscape Drone Photography

Drones became extremely popular due to their ability to capture incredible images of landscapes thanks to their ease of finding unique and very difficult to reach perspectives. But these photos have their science and to achieve the perfect photography you must know some important things first. That is why, on this occasion, I bring you some tips so that you can take amazing landscape photographs!

Higher does not mean better: It is easy to be tempted to fly high to get a better image, but it does not always happen. Sometimes, keeping the drone close to the ground can give you a much more detailed panoramic perspective of the place you want to capture with your camera. It doesn’t mean that you can’t take photos from high altitudes (as long as you respect the law), it’s just a matter of exploring the best way to capture that landscape in front of you!

Learn how to exposure bracket with your drone: Exposure bracketing involves taking multiple exposures of the same scene, some being underexposed and some being overexposed so you can record a much larger dynamic range. You then take those bracketed exposures and blend them together into one image in post-production.

The golden hour: Many photographers consider that there are certain periods of time that can give you better lighting and a better play of light and shadow. These schedules are between 30 – 60 minutes after sunrise and before sunset, because the sun is still in a low position but still gives enough light to take good pictures.

Terrain View: Google Maps has a tool that has greatly helped drone pilots and photographers: Terrain View. This tool gives you a geological view of the place of your interest, making it possible to schedule a flight route for your drone or locate a specific point on the map that you think may be potential to take interesting photographs, all from your home, without having to go on an adventure with your drone and explore the region of your interest blindly.

The importance of symmetry: A photograph can be excellent if you can find a good symmetry. Drones have that unique ability to find symmetry in the world due to their particular aerial view, which gives unique perspectives of a natural or urban environment that we could not see from the ground. A tip to find a good symmetry is to find the perfect combination between urban and rural, because this type of photos give a more specific symmetry and make your photos brighter!

Contrasting Textures: As well as symmetry, drones also have that unique ability to capture contrasting textures. Paths of footprints in the sand, snow angels, waves in the water, a multitude of figures that you can capture with an aerial view, whether in urban or natural environments, it is only a matter of exploring!

Side lights: Photographs with sidelights are usually taken with devices that illuminate a figure to give a play of lights, shadows and depth. But you can also use natural light despite not having control over it! Just as in the golden hour mentioned above, having sunlight from a certain angle can give landscapes unique and perfect scenarios for a beautiful photograph!

Use a tablet: The tablets are the best devices when it comes to piloting your drone and taking pictures, you can have better maneuverability than with a SmartPhone and it offers you many more vision, control and information tools for your photographic works!

Remove all distractions from your screen: Generally when we fly our drone we see different tools and functions on our screen that are very necessary, but these can distract you when you start taking photos. If you want to observe a good composition for your photographs, just keep the first person view of your drone on your screen until you find it. Once that is done, you can reactivate all the tools on your screen.

Know the limitations of your drone: Although your objective is the photographs, you must be very attentive to the flight conditions! There may be cases where you want to capture an image from a very distant point or with strong winds and your battery is not enough to be able to return home again, causing your drone to go astray or land in a dangerous place, such as Traffic or water. Be alert about all these details so that there is no risk!

Always keep spare batteries: Experts photographers know to take a good photo requires concentration, patience, but most of all time. And flying with just one battery is never going to be enough! Buy different spare batteries so you can get better results by taking your photos!

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